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Why You Should Use Newny

Give Your Events A BIG BOOST

High quality and consistent user experience

Live Q&A and Upvotes

Collect questions way before the event starts and end it a day later if you wish! A simple and user friendly way to engage your audience.

Feedback Survey

Instantly collect feedback from your participants as soon as the event is over. No need to send an external link to a form anymore 🥳.

Presentation Mode

Intuitive, interactive and simply stunning presentation mode that you can share during your event 😍. Visually engage your attendees.

Insights Dashboard

We've built an easy to use dashboard to visualise your audience engagement data from the event. Simple and actionable insights to make sure you hit your KPIs.

Unlimited Events

Run as many events as your heart desires every month! There are no limits. Have a team brainstorming session followed by a live event? No problem sir!

Unlimited Hosts

Create different hosts for different events and workshops.

Unique Branded Link


Easy to remember and unique to your organisation. It's better than a random unrecognisable link!

CTA Card for Attendees

Don't leave your attendees hanging after your event and create a call-to-action to lead them all somewhere to stay connected with your organisation.

The Best Way To Engage Your Audience

You need to meet your KPIs but you’re struggling to engage your attendees. Newny creates a rich experience and improves what you learn from your events. Now you can welcome your audience to a productivehighly engaging and ROI positive event.

Our Users Host...

Here is a non-exhaustive list of potential ways to use Newny.


  • Highly engaging and visually captivating
  • Instant Feedback
  • Strong follow up with specific attendees


  • Understand how students resonate with your content
  • Gather quick feedback to follow up during your 1-2-1


  • Collect questions from the audience
  • Insights into your listeners
  • Instant Feedback post live session

Team building

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Build Rapport
  • Insights into your team

In-person events

  • Engage your live attendees
  • Better user experience
  • Instant feedback whilst all attendees are present

Hybrid events

  • Curate questions from live and virtual attendees
  • Improved user experience overall
  • Complete overview of event engagement
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