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NFTs in the Events Industry

NFTs are taking the tech world by storm for the past few weeks but what are they and why is this relevant to the Events

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We’ve covered some questions we’ve had pop up before.

How does Newny work in Zoom or similar tools?​

Newny works alongside your chosen video conferencing tool for your virtual events, from Zoom to Linkedin Live. Simple share your Newny link ( with your attendees alongside your Zoom link. Then share your screen to display your events presentation mode screen on Newny. Simple and intuitive.

Is Newny mobile friendly?

Newny is built mobile first. Once you enter your URL on your browser, you’re prompted to add Newny to your home screen. Newny then starts behaving as a mobile app that attendees and organisers can participate and monitor the events Q&A from!

Why do attendees need to sign-in?

We can give you, the organiser, so much more information about who your most engaged attendees are? And how they interact with your content. Without knowing who they are, we wouldn’t be able to provide the insights that we’re able to. Don’t worry, they only ever need to do this once and it takes less than 20 seconds (we timed it)!

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