3 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing

Content marketing has become the life blood of most organisations.

The main ingredient to building rapport with your target audience is trust. The easiest way to omit a true and trusting image when engaging with your target audience is building a content ‘flywheel’ where you freely answer some of their post potent questions.

This is Content Marketing.

Generating real and applicable value to your audience has become the single most important aspect to creating trust and building your brand reputation. Some of the most common ways of creating content for your audience is:

  1. Video
  2. Content Writing
  3. Webinars


We’ve all used YouTube when we search for topics we want to learn about or problems we want to solve. I can bet you any dollar that your target audience is also using YouTube to search for topics related to the industry you operate in!

Creating a relevant series of useful videos will easily help you build rapport and trust with your target audience.

A new player in this space is TikTok, often times the first place people go for short videos. Adding a more relaxed and fun demeanor to your short clip videos will give you audience a small taste of the work your organisation does. This is a sure way to build rapport and following fast!

Content Writing

This may be one of the most obvious ways that you as an organisation can deliver real value. Writing blogs for the sake of it without a strategy will not be as effective as it could be!

SEO is the art in which you write blogs with the focus on ensuring you cover relevant topics that your target audience cares about. This’ll then get picked up and ranked by Google and other search engines who then serve this to those searching for it. For the best results you must mention and use keywords that you know are being searched on search engines.

Another lesser known content writing space that can yield good results is responding to questions written in Quora and other online forums. Quora is a Q&A website used by people to help answer some questions more directly from other users on the platform. It’s a fantastic source of information and when used properly a great source of traffic.


Webinars are seen as THE way to position yourself as an ‘expert’ in the industry that you operate in. Putting together a panel discussion with industry thought leaders is a cost-effective way to put your brand at the heart of some of the biggest conversations happening in your industry.

The biggest upside to running webinars and workshops is the ability to measure direct engagement from your attendees and get in touch with those who showed the most engagement. Using a tool like Newny can help you make this clarification when you are running your workshops and webinars. Newny is a live Q&A and insights tool used in events and meetings.

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