5 Audience Engagement Strategies For 2021

Happy New Year 🥳

First of all, congratulations is in order for reaching the end of what is arguably one of the most challenging years in business. January is always an optimistic month, so much is unknown for how the year will shape out to be and it’s also a month of opportunity and strategic planning. We want to give you some ideas for your 2021 audience engagement strategy. We’ve curated 5 ideas to help you engage your audience virtually in 2021.

1. Micro-Insights

What’s micro insights? The idea comes from a Twitter thread that was published by the Founder of MorningBrew – the hugely successful newsletter that curates the top news stories in a short readable format straight to your inbox every morning. Austin (the founder) shared 2 micro-insights that helped him grow the newsletter to nearly 3 million readers.

He found that by conducting cross-promotions with other newsletter he was able to tap into huge growth and engagement opportunities for his newsletter. He discovered that the readers he acquired from cross-promotional activities tended to engage with his newsletter a lot more than others who organically subscribed.

How does this help you? find opportunities to engage in content marketing with other similar organisations. Cross-promote, engage and build your audience in your segment.

2. Short form video

This is a clear area the major platforms are beginning to push and promote. Google is experimenting with Web Stories. Youtube has been pushing 15-second short form videos. Pinterest has launched Story Pins for their users and Twitter launched Fleets recently. this is an unexplored audience engagement channel but definitely one to explore and get creative with. [Source: Darko]. Less competition always means more exposure.

3. Webinars

If 2020 was the year of virtual events, 2021 will be the year more businesses double down and engage with their audiences in Webinars. Linkedin recently launched Linkedin Events in an effort to help businesses reach more people. This is an untapped opportunity to exploit for all types of businesses. discover prospects and build authority in your sector. The opportunity is huge and it’s vital that you know how to exploit it properly using the right tools that are easily available for your attendees and yourself. This is what we do at Newny, you can Learn more here.

4. Podcasts

Look at Podcasts in the same light as blogs. They’re just the spoken version. Podcasts are a fantastic way to communicate and engage with your audience, interview industry leaders, give out valuable insights and ideas that resonate with your audience. This helps build your authority and brand trust. It’s a long-term strategy that’ll pay dividends over the lifespan of your business.

5. Twitter Threads

Twitter threads have become a powerful medium to add value to your audience. Think of it as a short form blog. Create Twitter threads from your personal or business accounts can help you build authority and easily add value to your audience. Break down complex and hard to understand topics relevant to your industry on twitter and see your impact scale. A great example of this was the Twitter thread I shared earlier from MorningBrew.


I hope that inspired you to look into some of these audience engagement channels. If Webinars or Podcasts are areas you are exploring , why not check out Newny. It’s a Live Q&A, Feedback and Insights tool to help you build rapport and understand how your audience resonates with your content. Collect questions before your webinar starts or your podcast is recorded. We’re all about improving audience interactivity.

Happy new year,

Newny team.