5 Must Have Zoom Integrations

I think it’s now a well known fact that Zooms rate of innovation has been slower than its rate of growth. This has given rise to a number of competing video conferencing tools, the most prominent being Hopin and Airmeet. Zoom hasn’t been reluctant to this fact either!

To counter this problem, they introduced what could arguably become their biggest moat and solidifier. The Zoom marketplace. In the past 12 months, Zoom has experienced huge adoption not just from event organisers but also SaaS focussed products trying to get in on the sudden growth spurt that the virtual events industry experienced by creating custom integrations with Zoom.  Below we’ve curated a list of 5 Must Have Zoom Integrations.

1. Calendly

The meeting scheduling tool has had one of the highest adoption rates for a successful Zoom integration. Easily send someone a link and see all your scheduled meetings inside Zoom. I have found this tool particularly useful when I have back to back meetings.

2. Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool built to help you improve your workflow through automating manual and repetitive tasks. In the description of this tool it gives you the ideas of integrating your Eventbrite attendees list with Zoom by creating an action inside Zapier. Zapier is integrated with 1000’s of other software applications helping you create a seamless productivity experience. This tool requires no code to get started with and has an awesome user experience.

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales pipeline management tool that helps you get a better overview of all your prospects and customers. Their integrations helps you easily get a Zoom meeting scheduled in with potential prospects. This will help you keep all your communication inside pipedrive helping you manage your sales process a lot easier. We’re fans!

4. Worklytics

Worklytics is an analytics software that helps teams manage their meeting time to create more efficient and transparent time management across teams. Their integration with Zoom allows them to track the time spent on these Zoom meetings. This would fit best with large teams who struggle to manage their video conferencing times efficiently.

5. Hyperproof

Hyperproof helps record and store securely your Zoom recordings on the cloud automatically. This is especially useful when it comes to providing evidence for compliance and auditory reasons. Taking the regulatory burden off your event management team. This is definitely a must have on our list.

To learn more about Zoom Marketplace please visit: https://marketplace.zoom.us/

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