5 Reasons Your Business Should Host Virtual Events

Due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve all pivoted to virtual events but how do we make sure they are a good option for us as a business? 

Let’s go in depth and look at 5 reasons why you should host virtual events for your business.

1.      Low cost

Hosting a virtual event is a great way to save money. To launch an online event, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. There is no need to spend money on the venue, accommodation for guests or travel.

2.      Global audience

Virtual events are easy to join, so there is a greater chance you’ll attract more people to your events that you’ve ever had.

By creating a virtual event you are enabling new audiences to experience your product or service who may otherwise not have engaged. Make your virtual event as global as you wish!

3.      Instant feedback

Be able to see what is your most viewed content or which workshop is the most popular? See the number of people attending a session or the number of people participating at a certain time.

Newny can make this even easier, as you can collect feedback in one place and incrementally improve your events based on previous user experiences.

4.      Audience engagement

As you aren’t limited by the venue’s capacity, more people are likely to ask questions during a virtual event since it’s easier than in-person events.

Collect pre-event and live questions from your audience and get participants to upvote the ones they find most interesting.

Statistics show that attendee engagement and satisfaction is the top KPI tracked for virtual events. Get Started with a tool like Newny for the best end to end engagement experience.

5.      Flexibility

With the replacement of in-person events with virtual ones, you gain flexibility on how you broadcast your event. Connect with people around the world. Engage your audience through webinars, live podcasts and workshops. 

The choice is yours!

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