How to launch a successful virtual event today

I think we can all agree that the events industry as a whole has changed forever now. Even when things get back to ‘normal’ (whatever that means) the industry will forever be shaped by the events of 2020. This isn’t something new though. I remember visiting Confex2020 at the beginning of the year in February and seeing some incredible VR / AR enabled products that are looking to disrupt the conferencing world as a whole, unfortunately, corona got there first.

Remember at the beginning of the covid19 lockdown when every organiser was scrambling to create a virtual alternative and platforms like Zoom absolutely took off? At that point everyone was scrambling to organise a virtual event, then we had a ridiculous surge in subpar virtual experience that just resembled recorded lectures. For you to successfully run a webinar or virtual event today you have to acknowledge the audience that’s present. This means an increased portion of the event needs to be dedicated to audience interaction. I’d suggest at least 50% of the event. Why? Otherwise you’ll lose the attention of the audience.

In July, we ran a successful webinar under our Backstage Events sub-brand. The entire event was a Live Q&A session. We used Newny to discuss with 50 event organisers what we could potentially achieve in the second part of the year. The event was completely lead by the attendees, from start to finish. We started crowdsourcing the questions before the event started and used the Newny presentation display to monitor, curate and discuss all the points they raised.

This event really helped us understand, build rapport with and answer the concerns of our participants. We believe this is the best approach to discussion focused virtual events.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. If you’re an event organiser looking to learn more about your participants, then use Newny alongside your video conferencing platform and enhance the Q&A experience for your attendees. Join our waiting list.


Mukhtar, Co-Founder @ Newny.