How to run a hybrid event using only Zoom

There are 3 main forms of events, In-person , Hybrid and Virtual. I think we’re all very familiar with virtual events (thanks to the huge rise in virtual event platforms in the market today) and in-person events (the good old days!). But how much do you know about Hybrid events?

The most common understanding of what makes an event hybrid, is the combination of elements from virtual and in-person events. There are more than one way an organisation can make their events hybrid. Since it’s so varied so is the cost of running them. Read more about it here, in a blog we wrote last year.

Today I want to focus on how you can make your event Hybrid, using only Zoom.

The most popular form of hybrid events at the moment are those that invite the panelists/speakers into a studio designed for presenting. Think of this as your typical TV show with hosts sitting around a desk as it’s live streamed online. You can mimic this setup with your panelists together in a physical space as you stream your conversation online via Zoom and then to other platforms such as Facebook.

A step-up from that would be inviting a handful of people to attend your physical events venue, think of this as a small in-person event, the key difference being that it’s being live streamed on Zoom too.

But how do you ensure your audience remains engaged and stays connected?

It’s incredibly important to ensure that your event doesn’t end up mimicking a live TV show. This means having a continuous dialogue with your audience, both virtual and those present with you in the room. The best way to amalgamate your audience’s engagement is using a tool like Newny. Use Newny to collect questions and feedback from your audience, irrespective of whether they are present in the room or are virtual. Newny can provide a consistent engagement experience for your audience members. This is the key difference between a standard event and a well planned hybrid event. 

How you service your audience makes all the difference.

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