Meet: Raluca Apostol

Raluca Apostol, Founder @ eMarketing Stars

Tell Us About Yourself? 


I’m Raluca and I’m a marketer

(chorus: Hiiiii Ralucaaa – if we were at event marketers anonymous 😆 ).

I’m a marketer/agency founder/MBA student from Romania entering its 11th year in marketing. For most of that time I’ve worked on events in B2C and B2B, across Europe, North America and Africa and I now run eMarketing Stars, a lead gen marketing agency.

Can You tell Us About A Recent Win You’re Still Celebrating? 🥳

We’re particularly happy when we get to work on longer term projects, since that gives you time to test new stuff and establish those that work. For an education client with which we’ve recently celebrated 2 years of working together, we’ve managed to establish a set of tactics and flows that generate constant leads.

Last year, we had a 25% increase in leads for their courses (in a pandemic, when we thought demand will decrease). This year, we’re already 50% full for the courses starting in 7 months, so it’s great to see the marketing strategy delivering, while we also test new stuff to bring those extra results.

What Inspires You To Do The Work You Do?

I remember when in year 1 at uni one of our teachers asked us to say something about ourselves in a few words and I said “I get bored easily”. 14 years later and that is still the mantra that keeps me going and makes me want to stay in touch with the latest developments in the field.

I chose marketing because nothing about it is boring and even things that worked last month might not work anymore. I’m not a fan of change, but I’ve learnt to live with and enjoy the good things that come out of it. And of course, seeing the results come in is always an amazing motivator and inspiration.

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